What We Do

Component Engineering designs and builds custom quality inspection solutions to ensure that our customers deliver quality parts, 100% of the time.

From simple to complex, our range of quality inspection solutions spans simple attribute gages to complex Automated Inspection work cells, lean manufacturing expertise, and industrial controls design and integration.

We deliver quality assurance.

Automated Inspection

Automated Inspection work cells are custom designed to ensure customer parts meet defined tolerances, specifications, and performance expectations. And, where parts fail quality inspection, to identify parts, help with root-cause-analysis, and ultimately reduce errors and failures in our customers finished products.

In addition to our Automated Inspection platform, we offer three specialized Automated Inspection Platforms: 

– An Air Gage Platform designed for quality inspection of Die Cast parts.

– A Fuel Rail Platform, designed for quality inspection of Automotive and Commercial Vehicle fuel rails.

– A Roll Form Platform designed for quality inspection of Roll Formed parts.  

Standard Features:

Frame with enclosure
Fixture with pneumatic clamping
Industrial controls, including programming, wiring and integration
Safety features
Part master for recalibration
Replacement parts
Operation and Service manuals
Custom user interface
Operator training and support

Customization Options:

TruPosition® probe tip customization
Vision inspection
Laser inspection
Robot integration
Remote programming and monitoring capability
Traceability integration
SPC trending
Multi-part testing stations
Weld fixture up-stream process check

Gages and Fixtures

Component Engineering offers a range of fixture and gage solutions, from simple pass/fail to more complex solutions that capture, analyze and report variable data results.

Attribute Gages

Attribute gages measure part characteristics and either accept or reject the part based on accuracy.  These gages are typically used for applications using simple designs, and are an easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective solution to confirm part accuracy.

Variable Gages

Variable gages work in a similar way to attribute gages with the added ability to collect variable data for specific part requirements.  We specialize in methods for hole location, hard to reach surface points and simple SPC points specified on the part print.

CMM Holding Fixtures

CMM holding fixtures provides a simple way to hold your part so that a CMM, coordinate measuring machine, can measure and confirm parts are within specifications and tolerances.  Provides a repeatable means of loading multiple parts, one at a time, to meet layout requirements.

Weld Fixtures

Weld fixtures provide a way to hold multiple parts in relationship to each other while they are being welded together.  Our fixtures are available as manual or pneumatic.  When weld fixtures leverage pneumatic components, optional sensors interact with the weld equipment to ensure parts are properly positioned for welding or confirming when parts are ready to unload.

Testing Fixtures

Vibration Fixtures – Lightweight fixtures that hold a part securely in its intended mounting position so resonant frequencies testing can be performed.

Environmental Fixtures – Lightweight fixtures that hold a part securely in its intended mounting position and are made from rust-proof materials.

Photometric Fixtures – Custom designed fixtures that hold a part securely in its intended mounting position and are coated with a non-reflective material.

Probes and Components

Component Engineering offers a wide range of work-holding solutions and design capabilities to ensure consistent finished parts.

Options Include:
Probes, Probe Accessories and Probe Components
CMM Tooling Aids
SPC Triggers and Set Masters
Indicator Adaptors


Proprietary TruPosition® Probes verify hole or slot location meet defined tolerancecs for True Position.  Options include handheld and automation probes with optional 3rd axis capabilities to collect variable surface data. 


Digital Probes – Allows for checking hole position with digital readouts.
Manual Probes – Allows for checking hole position with the use of an indicator or LMI 200.
Analog Probes – Checks for hole location with the use of a compatible data collector.
LVDT Probes – Measures hole location at extreme tolerances.  Typically integrated within an automated quality inspection quality inspection solution.
Pneumatic Probes – Allows for fast checking of hole positions in automated applications.  Available with optional 3rd Axis probe for surface measuring capabilities.

Probe Accessories
Digital Interface Box
Digital Interface Cable
Analog Interface Cable
Custom Probe Tips
Offset Calibration Master
Certification Master Bushings
3rd Axis Probe Certification Master

Probe Components
Probe Blocks
Stop Screw Set
Orientation Rings


Used for locating Component Engineering Probe Blocks in a three-axis coordinate system. The tooling aid has (2) 12mm tooling balls in each end that are concentric to the O.D. One end is located at the X,Y,Z, coordinate of the hole, the other end is a point normal (perpendicular) to the surface and equal to the centerline distance of the tooling balls. A CMM can now measure the location of the tooling balls to verify if the block is located properly, and if the 3rd axis stop is set to the proper distance from the surface.


SPC triggers are designed to work in tight areas, using low-profile design to gather readings from difficult positions. Simply insert your preset indicator or LMI 200 into the bushing to gather quick and reliable data.

  • Triggers are currently available in off-the-shelf configurations.
  • Three offset options are available: 31mm, 50mm, and 55mm.
  • Arm Lengths: Short and long arm.
  • Configurations: Right or left handed, right angle transfer.
  • Optional SPC Set Masters available for pre-setting indicators to a nominal offset.


Component Engineering makes an adapter that provides additional length for guiding a Mitutoyo 543-683B indicator when measuring surface data. The adapter slides over the indicator stem and is held in place by a small setscrew. The adapter body is made of tool steel hardened and ground to work with any of our Triggers, 3rd axis probes or set master blocks.

Industrial Controls

PLC system design and integration – new or existing equipment
HMI considerations, customization and integration
Pneumatic control design and documentation
Customized CAD control design and documentation
Pre-build code / regulatory compliance
Partner with UL panel build shops
Existing specification execution and integration
Single work cell or complete production process integration
PLC and Control Brand Experience – OMRON, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi Electric and Siemens

Customization and Support
Operator interface
Data collection and management
Systems updates / upgrades
Systems diagnostics and reporting
Future-flexible planning and design
Day-2 support services

Technical Services
Machine design
Safety solutions
Technical writing
Electronic documentation

Services & Capabilities


CMM Lab – Climate controlled lab provides a stable environment to accurately layout and certify gauges.

  • Equipment – Check master CMM’s with IQ-Metrology CMM Manager software
  • Work Envelopes – 1). 26”x36”x17”; 2). 50”x60”x26”

Wire EDM – Our Wire EDM machines are used to create TruPosition probe and Special Machine details with absolute accuracy.

  • Equipment – Esprit/W software; 2 4-Axis Charmilles EDM machines
  • Work Envelopes – 1). 17.25”x12.25”x7.25”; 2). 16”x11”x15”


CAD Design – Our designers work with SolidWorks to create 3D solid designs and surfacing requirements.  We also have capabilities for many different translations for data.

Probe Re-certification and Maintenance Programs
To assure that the TruPosition Probe is accurate and meets quality standards of ISO9000 / ISO9002, Component Engineering keeps a file of all probes sold by serial number and maintains the last certification date.  On an annual basis, or as deemed necessary, the TruPosition Probe may be returned for calibration.

Component Engineering will:

  1. Disassemble, clean, inspect and reassemble the TruPosition Probe
  2. Recertify the TruPosition Probe
  3. Return the TruPosition Probe with NIST traceable certification documents.

For more information on our TruPosition probes, or our probe re-certification and maintenance programs, visit the TruPosition website or email us – [email protected].


As we rapidly expand our manufacturing in Michigan, we have looked for strong partners in the quality check industry. Component Engineering has stood out as a knowledgeable, customer-focused provider of quality solutions, and has demonstrated their commitment to our success by being a collaborative, flexible, timely, cost-conscious and technically savvy partner.

-Tesla Motors, Project Manager

Component Engineering and Herman Miller have a very good working relationship. They are good, creative and collaborative partners in gauge development, and have competitive prices and always meet or beat their timing.

-Herman Miller, Senior Engineer

We are closely partnered with Component Engineering. They have done a great job for us, and I would not hesitate to use them as they are innovative, practical, make quality gauges, and are easy to work with.

-Jireh Metal, Quality Manager