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Component Engineering and West Michigan Gage are joining together.

Component Engineering and West Michigan...

Air Gage Inspection Delivers 100% Inspection in under 60-Seconds.

A large Midwest Die Cast company leverages Advanced Quality Inspection...

Air Gage Inspection for Die Cast Applications

Air Gage technology has been around since pre World War II, but it still makes...
Air Gage Platform

Labor Day is About More than Parades and Potato Salad

Most of us are aware that Labor Day celebrates workers and their...

Updates to our Customers around COVID-19

As you are all aware, COVID-19 is quickly spreading throughout North America. ...

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

100% Inspection.  Variable Data Collection.  100% Traceability. 

Why is it (quality) so hard?

How to navigate the change you wish to make in the world.

I Spy With My Vision Eye

I Spy with My Vision Eye... Today we’re focusing on Vision Systems, one of the...

A History of CMM’s

With so many advancements in metrology and dimensional measurement in...

Data Collection + Real-Time Usage = Better Manufacturing Outputs

You’ve collected reams of data through your SPC (Statistical Process Control)...

Is Quality Inspection During Production Really Necessary?

We can all agree that consistent quality is essential to keeping customers...

The Evolution of Component Engineering

“Change is inevitable.  Growth is a choice.”  John C. Maxwell For over two...


Component Engineering Corporate Booklet (PDF)

Component Engineering Corporate Booklet

Component Engineering Automated Fuel Rail Inspection Solutions (PDF)

Component Engineering Automated Fuel Rail Inspection Solutions

TruPosition Probes Find Your Application Matrix (PDF)

TruPosition Probes Find Your Application Matrix

Component Engineering Special Machines (PDF)

Component Engineering Special Machines

Comparing Quality Inspection Options(PDF)

Comparing Quality Inspection Options

Orka Automation Industrial Controls (PDF)

Orka Automation Industrial Controls

Component Engineering Gauge Solutions (PDF)

Component Engineering Gauge Solutions

TruPosition Brochure (PDF)

TruPosition Brochure

ISO Certificate (PDF)

ISO Certificate

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