Automated Inspection

Delivering consistent quality parts on time is essential to your business and your brand. Our Automated Inspection solutions are designed to ensure finished parts meet customer defined tolerances, specifications, and performance expectations.

By leveraging the dimensional and surface features quality inspection expertise of Component Engineering with the automation partnerships and expertise of our sister company, Orka Automation, we help our customers create high performance manufacturing environments that increase efficiency, reduce risk, and deliver quality finished parts, 100% of the time.



WORK CELL – Frame with enclosure and safety features; Fixture with pneumatic clamping; Controls, including programming, wiring, and integration; Part Master

USER INTERFACE – Custom User Interface with Controls

ONGOING SUPPORT – Replacement Parts; Operation and Service Manual; Operator Training and Support



INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY – Air Gage, Vision, Laser, TruPosition Probe with custom tip

MATERIAL MOVEMENT – Conveyance; Robotic Load / Unload

MATERIAL TRACKING – Barcoding; Traceability Integration

DATA COLLECTION AND REPORTING – Variable Data Display with Report Options; Statistical Process Control (SPC) Trending

ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS – Remote Programming and Monitoring; Multi-Part Testing Stations



Automotive OEM’s require 100% inspection, variable data collection and 100% traceability on all delivered fuel rails. Our Automated Inspection Platform meets those requirements with a lower investment in equipment and labor, and increased profitability.

Performance Highlights

  • 100% inspection across all check points in less than 30-seconds
  • 100% traceability
  • Repeatability and reproducibility of less than 10% on all features
  • CMM correlation
  • Capable of running RH/LH and V6/V8 parts on the same machine without mechanical changeover
  • Average inspection cost / unit = Less than $0.50

Fuel Rail Automated Inspection Platform Overview


Die cast parts have tight tolerances, requiring highly accurate dimensional inspection. Surface defect detection is equally important to ensure consistent quality finished parts.

Our Die Cast Automated Inspection Platform includes options for contact and non-contact dimensional inspection, surface defect detection, and a broad range of advanced inspection and automation integration.

Dimensional Inspection

  • Clear Through / Diameter Check
  • Cylindricity
  • ID/OD
  • Parallelism
  • Perpendicularity
  • Profile
  • True Position

Defect Detection

  • Blistering
  • Feature Absence / Presence
  • Porosity of Machined Surfaces
  • Customer Defined Surface Defects
  • Tight Tolerance Defect Detection

Die Cast Automated Inspection Platform Overview


Roll formed parts require hole alignment and profile measurements are precise, weld nuts are present, and welds are inspected to ensure quality finished parts. Our Roll Form Automated Inspection Platform ensures finished parts meet end-customer requirements.

Performance Highlights

  • End-of-line inspection eliminates the need for time consuming fixture or CMM part checks
  • Average 25-second cycle time for 50 points of measurement
  • Designed to allow for at-build or future integration of robotic part load / unload
  • Cycle time enables future capacity expansion without additional inspection costs

Roll Form Automated Inspection Platform Overview

special machine
industrial controls


As we rapidly expand our manufacturing in Michigan, we have looked for strong partners in the quality check industry. Component Engineering has stood out as a knowledgeable, customer-focused provider of quality solutions, and has demonstrated their commitment to our success by being a collaborative, flexible, timely, cost-conscious and technically savvy partner.

-Tesla Motors, Project Manager

Component Engineering and Herman Miller have a very good working relationship. They are good, creative and collaborative partners in gauge development, and have competitive prices and always meet or beat their timing.

-Herman Miller, Senior Engineer

We are closely partnered with Component Engineering. They have done a great job for us, and I would not hesitate to use them as they are innovative, practical, make quality gauges, and are easy to work with.

-Jireh Metal, Quality Manager