Fuel Rail Inspection Platform

OEM’s require 100% inspection, variable data collection and 100% traceability on all delivered fuel rails.  Our Fuel Rail Automated Inspection platform meets those requirements with a lower equipment and labor investment and increased profitability. 


  • Fuel Rail Inspection Cell100% inspection in < 20 – 40-second cycle times, depending on complexity and check points.
  • Variable data collection and reporting.
  • 100% traceability.
  • Repeatability passing 10-3-3 gauge R&R <10% per feature based on tolerance.
  • Correlation to CMM <0.10mm.
  • Capable of running both right-hand and left-hand parts on the same machine without mechanical changeover.
  • Currently running V6-RH/LH and V8-RH/LH on the same machine without required changeover.
  • 250,000 units / year – 1 Machine / 1 Shift / 1 Operator.
  • In-line testing within a small footprint.
  • Average Inspection Cost / Unit – $0.46.

Fuel Rail Inspection Stations


  • Experience – Component Engineering has over twenty years of experience in designing and delivering automated fuel rail quality inspection solutions.
  • Industry Standard – We are the preferred supplier to major fuel rail manufacturers, including TI Automotive, Usui and Park / Ohio AutoForm.
  • Higher Return on Investment – Our solution is better, faster and more cost effective than any other option available.  100% inspection across all check points in 30-seconds or less.
  • Advanced Technology Integration Options – Experienced integrator of robotic part load and unload, manufacturing 4.0 friendly technology and material handling and movement options.


  • Standard Features
    • Intuitive user interface with user controls
    • Frame with enclosure and safety features
    • Fixture with pneumatic clamping
    • Controls, including programming, wiring and integration
    • Part Master
    • Repeatability and Reproducibility – <10% on all features – tolerances from 0.03mm to 1.00mm.
    • Correlation to CMM and attribute fixtures Integrates multiple technologies (TruPosition® Probes, LVDT’s, Vision, Laser, Air) for capturing and reporting variable data
    • SPC Trending
    • Replacement Parts
    • Operations and Service Manual
    • Operator Training and Support
  • Customization Options
    • TruPosition probe tip customization
    • Advanced Inspection Technology, including robotic and vision integration
    • Remote programming and monitoring capability
    • Traceability enabling
    • Weld fixture up-stream process check
  • Standard Measurements
    • True Position, profile and perpendicularity of mounting brackets, injector cups, inlets, connectors, pressure sensor ports and wire harness brackets
    • Spread check
    • End cap height check
    • Cross strap height check
    • Injector cup notch orientation check

See the Fuel Rail Platform In Motion


Fuel Gage Automated Inspection Platform Specification Sheet