Our non-contact Air Gage Automated Quality Inspection platform is targeted at Die Cast applications and verifies multiple bore diameters, True Position of critical hole locations, and profile and parallelism of mating surfaces to deliver 100% inspection and variable data reporting in an average 60-second cycle time.


  • Improved Efficiencies – In-line inspection work cell eliminates need for handheld air gages or CMM inspection and reduces inspection cycle time.  Options for at-build or future integration of robotic part load and unload.
  • Accurate Quality Outputs – Correlation work gives confidence each part is inspected to the same criteria and standards of a traditional CMM process.
  • Repeatability and Reproducibility – <10% on all features – tolerances from 0.03mm to 1.00mm.
  • Custom Designed and Built – Each automated quality inspection work cell is designed and built to your unique specifications, tolerances, and inspection needs.
  • Confidence – Our platform features Mahr® Metrology air gaging technology, Component Engineering automated inspection expertise, TruPosition® probes and 100% variable data collection and reporting. You can feel confident in delivering 100% inspected quality finished parts to your customer.



  • Standard Features
    • Mahr Metrology air gaging technology
    • Repeatability and Reproducibility – <10% on all features – tolerances from 0.03mm to 1.00mm.
    • Correlation to CMM and attribute fixtures
    • Frame with enclosure and safety features
    • Integrates multiple technologies (TruPosition Probes, LVDT’s, Vision, Laser, Air) for capturing and reporting variable data
    • Fixture with pneumatic clamping
    • Intuitive user interface with user controls
    • Controls, including programming, wiring and integration
    • Part Master
    • SPC Trending
    • Replacement Parts
    • Operations and Service Manual
    • Operator Training and Support
  • Customization Options
    • TruPosition probe tip customization
    • Advanced Inspection Technology, including robotic and vision integration
    • Perpendicularity measurement
    • Remote programming and monitoring capability
    • Traceability enabling
  • Standard Measurements
    • Min / Max / Mean Bore Diameter
    • True Position of critical hole locations
    • Profile and Parallelism of mating surfaces

See the Air Gage in Action


Non-Contact Air Gage Automated Inspection Platform – Specification Sheet

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