A global medical technology company, focused on women’s health and wellness solutions, needed to validate that finished glass transponder parts met 100% of defined dimensional attributes and verification of seal quality, with traceability.


Orka Automation designed a multi-functional, non-contact in-line work cell that moved parts through inspection, traceability verification, and bulk packaging operations at 5-seconds / part, replacing a 100% manual process with a 100% automated process.

  • Series of vision sensors verified transponders met OD, thickness, edge radius, and concentricity dimensional requirements, and verified seal quality.
  • RFID reader captured part and batch information for traceability prior to packaging.
  • Incorporating packaging and labeling into the same work cell maximized efficiencies and floor space.


  • 100% inspected, traceable finished parts.
  • 5-second / part cycle time enables 4,500-part count / shift objective.
  • Automated work cell supplemented existing work force without adding or reducing head count.

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