100% Inspection.  Variable Data Collection.  100% Traceability. 

In today’s automotive world, OEM’s require 100% inspection, variable data collection and 100% traceability on many parts used in production.   We have an OEM specified automated inspection solution that delivers 100% inspection across all check points in 30 seconds or less.

Uniquely Qualified

We know what we’re doing.  Component Engineering delivered our first fuel rail inspection gauge over twenty years ago.   As automotive manufacturing evolved, our quality inspection solution did to.  Today, we have a unique inspection platform that not only meets OEM requirements, it includes options for the latest advanced manufacturing technology integration – including vision and robotics.

Maximum Output. Maximum Return on Investment

  • 250,000 units / year – 1 Machine / 1 Shift / 1 Operator
  • Average inspection cost / unit – $0.46
  • 100% inspection in under 30-seconds
  • Variable data collection and reporting
  • 100% traceability
  • In-line testing within a small footprint
  • Repeatability with R&R results of < 10%
  • Correlation to CMM and Attribute Fixtures

Maybe someday, in the not so distant future….

We know the final destination for some of the fuel rails our machines have inspected – but not all.  And, with the start of Indy and NASCAR seasons upon us, it’s fun to think that perhaps one of those high-performance-built-for-speed engines crossing the finish line, leaving everyone else in the dust, is powered, in-part, by a 100% inspected fuel rail, courtesy of a Component Engineering Automated Fuel Rail Inspection solution.  And to that we say, “Boogity, boogity, boogity!”

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