I Spy with My Vision Eye…

Today we’re focusing on Vision Systems, one of the advanced technologies currently taking automated inspection into Industry 4.0.

What It Is
A manufacturing vision systems leverages cameras and lighting to inspect parts as they cycle through the manufacturing process.
Today vision systems are typically used for inspecting automotive, semi-conductor, medical, food and packaging industries. Your options range from simple visioning that dispositions parts for pass/fail, or more complex systems that have integrated AI for more complex inspection requirements.

Key Parts
• Camera – Cameras are selected based on the level of detail, size of the inspection area, and distance between the camera and the part being inspected.
• Trigger – Some sort of sensor that triggers the camera to capture an image. Triggers are also leveraged to activate a response to what the camera sees – for example, dispositioning good and bad parts to the correct bin.
• Image Processor – Computer program that processes images and compares them against established quality criteria.
• Cables – Input / Output hardware or communication links that report results and disposition accordingly.

Super Powers
Conducts thankless, repetitive jobs well.
Inspects parts faster, with more accuracy and consistency than humans.
Able to measure parts, verifying parts are in the correct position, and recognizing the shape of parts.
Completes 100% inspection, 100% of the time.
Helps to identify and correct manufacturing problems in-line.
Plays well with others, including industrial controls, robots, and auto-gages.
Views the world in 2D or 3D – depending on the system.
Virtually unbeatable in a competitive game of I-Spy when objects are within its determined FOV (Field of View.)

How We’ve Used Them
Our experience with vision systems has ranged from simple to complex, primarily for automotive fuel-rail inspections, as a new conveyance-based inspection project currently underway.

Learn More
If your parts require detailed, fast-moving quality inspection, a vision system may be right for you! Contact us for a free consultation and review of your current process from start to finish to see how we can help you deliver consistent quality products.