You’ve collected reams of data through your SPC (Statistical Process Control) system – now what?

Many companies launch SPC within their manufacturing process because they think they should.  Often how the data will be collected and used isn’t strategically thought out and executed.  For many, integrating the ability to capture real-time variable data during production is like a shiny-new-toy at Christmas: It looks, sounds and smells great – but after time it leaves you wanting more. The good news is, all of that data that you’ve collected can be a great asset to your business – you just need to take a few more steps beyond collection.

The Reality for Many Companies We Work With…

In many organizations, data collection via SPC works similar to this:

  • Throughout a shift, an operator periodically takes measurements from some parts and takes notes on a shift report or piece of paper.
  • At the end of the shift, the paper is collected.
  • Eventually, someone takes the papers and enters the numbers into some sort of spreadsheet software.
  • Control charts are printed out, then distributed internally and reviewed in an operations meeting, where management takes notes of what happened last week.

But what if you could harness all of that data to correct issues in the moment?

The SPC Opportunity…
When used properly, SPC can make information available at the point when the process event occurs, giving operators the power to react and resolve issues in real time.  Keeping SPC on the floor, rather than in the meeting room,  and ensuring that key personnel understand how to read and react to the information in real time ensures proactive manufacturing versus reactive manufacturing and better quality outputs.

Positive Impacts for Your Business
• Reduced costs
• Improved productivity
• Improved and consistent quality outputs
• Happy customers

Your customers don’t want data – they want quality.  Using an SPC system to its full potential helps you deliver what your customers really want.

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