Ensuring Quality is more Complex than ever.
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Tighter tolerances. Tougher quality assurance requirements. Increasing precision. New technologies. The need to run faster, cheaper and leaner.

What we do

Component Engineering are experts in designing and building the inspection tools you need to deliver quality finished parts.

Ensuring 100% quality,100% of the time is more complex than ever.  Tighter tolerances.  Tougher quality assurance requirements.  Increasing precision.  New technologies.  The need to run faster, cheaper and leaner.

We know that your job is tough, and nothing is more important to your brand reputation than delivering consistent quality parts, on time. 

We understand that there is more to quality inspection than a fixture, gage, or CMM machine.  Recognizing potential defect points, manufacturing variables, and production processes are key to delivering a value-added solution.

Our quality inspection solutions address the big picture, detecting and preventing quality issues using the right technology and tools for the job – coupled with an understanding of your production process to embed quality checks at the right place to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality Assurance

From basic to complex, our solutions ensure you delivery consistent quality parts, assemblies and finished products. 

Tailored Solutions

Every process, part and product are unique.  That’s why we design solutions tailored to your process, people and output requirements.

Improved Results

Good quality inspection does more than ensure quality outputs – it can help reduce waste and rework, supplement a lean workforce, and improve production throughput – all of which improve your overall business results.

The Latest Updates


Our latest Automated Inspection Platform is designed specifically for roll-formed applications and features blue/red laser scanning for fast, non-contact weld inspection.

Learn more about our Roll-Form Inspection Platform



As we rapidly expand our manufacturing in Michigan, we have looked for strong partners in the quality check industry. Component Engineering has stood out as a knowledgeable, customer-focused provider of quality solutions, and has demonstrated their commitment to our success by being a collaborative, flexible, timely, cost-conscious and technically savvy partner.

-Tesla Motors, Project Manager

Component Engineering and Herman Miller have a very good working relationship. They are good, creative and collaborative partners in gauge development, and have competitive prices and always meet or beat their timing.

-Herman Miller, Senior Engineer

We are closely partnered with Component Engineering. They have done a great job for us, and I would not hesitate to use them as they are innovative, practical, make quality gauges, and are easy to work with.

-Jireh Metal, Quality Manager